Learning English with MovieStarPlanet

MovieStarPlanet is a fun and secure place on the web where children can have fun while improving their language skills. MovieStarPlanet challenges children to be creative so that they improve their expressive capabilities. MovieStarPlanet is a social website where children and teenagers work together with their friends to create cartoons. MovieStarPlanet is a blend of Facebook and YouTube with a learning dimension added.

In MovieStarPlanet each child creates a virtual MovieStar character which is used in cartoons together with the characters created by their friends. The children can share and review each other's cartoons. Depending on the popularity of the cartoons, the virtual movie star figure will be awarded with virtual fame and money, giving new possibilities in the next movies.

The ongoing progress of the virtual movie star figure gives MovieStarPlanet a substantial element of play and competition appealing to children.

MovieStarPlanet is developed with financial support from the Danish Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation in cooperation with The Danish University of Education, and a number of elementary school teachers.

In 2009-11 the development of MovieStarPlanet is part of the research and development project about the use of games in education called Serious Games on a Global Market Place

Educational objectives

The cartoons in MovieStarPlanet are small and very simple, focusing on using English in new and motivating ways. The cartoon medium is used to practice the written English skills of the children allowing them to:

For the children, MovieStarPlanet is ideal for:

Suggestions for educational courses using MovieStarPlanet

It is important that the teacher defines the framework for the cartoons when MovieStarPlanet is used for educational purposes. In this way the quality of the produced cartoons will be better and the pupils will be more motivated to do their best.

MovieStarPlanet makes it easy for everyone to participate. The teacher may agree on the contents and the educational objects in co-operation with the individual pupil.

For older children the following requirements could be implemented:

Working with MovieStarPlanet will be a varied and inspiring medium where many different competences will be practiced.

Depending on the number of available PCs, the pupils can work on their own or in groups.

Get Started

www.moviestarplanet.com is freely available on the internet and can be freely used in education or privately by anyone.

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding MovieStarPlanet, please write to contact@moviestarplanet.com

The MovieStarPlanet user guide is available here.